We would not like to reinvent the wheel, but to provide the serious subjects a certain briskness and to bring the people together so that they can, regarding different point of view , understand and disclose the information, which should not only be understood by experts.

Our triad consists of the following thoughts:

- Shaping projects
- Integrating stakeholders
- Communicating relevant issues

Shaping projects


Environmental policy issues, e.g. climate protection or protection of biodiversity, will be increasingly more complex and intransparent for lay-persons and persons alien to subjects.

Substantial decisions might be made at the global level and presumably be non - transparent. In this case counts the international earnest commitments focusing to break the regional and local levels in order to achieve the practical orientation.

Therefore one has to break international commitments down to solutions at the regional and local levels and to provide practical guidance.
Project experience.


Integrating stakeholders


Environmental protection is a part of future society and could only be successful when all members, representatives of interest groups and decision -makers participate in terms of responsibility and proper action, e.g. all consumers , producers , travellers , landowners and farmers or garbage collectors.

The protection of environment cannot be considered as isolated and unilateral subject, but requires the integration of political areas, disciplines and stakeholders. Events performed.


Communicating relevant issues


In order to plan the protection of environment in a long - term and solid way, it is necessary to integrate the individual member, representing group of interest. It is absolutely necessary that every member, representing a group of interest , is to be involved in political discussion. We consider it as very important that the information on current environmental indications and backgrounds should obviously be forwarded to selected addressees. Publications