Life and work in diversity

Iridescence is my favourite colour.


Walter Gropius (1883 1969)


No doubt that cultural diversity sounds very appealing, but it is indeed a challenge to mankind. The globalisation, the enlargement of the EU and demographic change in general lead to changes of economic life. All these issues inevitably require adjustment, flexibility, sincerity, open-mind and intuition of enterprises, administration and politics.

Cultural diversity offers enlarged capability especially concerning economical aspects, but awaits at the same time fairness and recognition including working environment towards the participants possibly without any prejudice.

The Agency Choudhury signed the demand of the Charter of diversity .
All staff members are to be perfectly appreciated independent from sex, nationality, ethnic roots, religion, world-view, disability, age, sexual orientation or identity.

The intercultural projects of Agency Choudhury represent the guiding principle : Pay respect to diversity and draw unlimited resources .This refers to intercultural competency of the team of experts, multiple needs of business partners , customers and multiplicity of ethnic economy.